Monday, 6 July 2015


 Above is a repeat of an early view of the Cardinal ZK-DAK with Cessna 150G ZK-DAL (c/n 15066321) taken at Hamilton.
This airframe followed a similar path to the Cardinal ZK-DAK.
 It was initially allocated the US registration of N8421J and allocated the VH-KPT marks - but these Australian letters were not taken up and it came onto the NZ aircraft register as ZK-DAL on 19-12-1969 with James Aviation Ltd at Hamilton.
This also got an engine upgrade, from 100 to 150hp, with the conversion being done by ANZ. It first flew here on 06-04-1970.
It was officially listed to the Aorangi Aero Club at Taihape on 28-07-1970.
Below - seen at Taihape.
It was passed to Dalcom Aviation Training Ltd at Wanganui from 24-07-1973.
It is seen below at Wanganui in November of 1973. Thanks again to Allan Wooller.
Below - as seen by CMM in May of 1974

 In August of 1976 it was listed with W M Charles and R L Rimmer of Wellington and then to the Waipukurau Gliding Club from 03-11-1978. 
Keith Cammock of Dannevirke took it over from 30-06-2009 and below we see her at Waipukurau on 17-03-2010.


Cessna 177 Cardinal ZK-DAK was c/n 177-00675.
It was allocated the US registration of N3375T followed by VH-EFK. 
This Australian registration was not taken up and it popped up on the NZ register as ZK-DAK on 18-12-1969 with James Aviation Ltd of Hamilton.
The first 1164 Cardinals were powered with the 150hp Lycoming O-320-E1D engine
James Aviation (or was it Air New Zealand) upgraded ZK-DAK to a 200hp engine and the wording "Experimental" was applied to its vertical tail. Also note the extra bulge on the side of theengine cowling and an intake on top.
Cessna 177 Cardinal ZK-DAK and Cessna 150/150 ZK-DAL at Hamilton.
ZK-DAK at Hamilton
After a period as a demonstrator ZK-DAK went to the Aorangi Aero Club at Taihape from 11-12-1972.
Allan Wooller Captured it above in magic monochrome in February of 1973 at Dannevirke.
Now minus its "Experimental" label.
ZK-DAK at Tauranga also from Allan Wooller but in January of 1975 in a new colour scheme and some unreadable script below the passengers window.
Sometime during 1975 is was with Dennis Thompson International.
And then by September 1976 it was in another colour scheme.
 Then we see it at Masterton thanks in January 1977 thanks to Allan Wooller.
On March 23rd 1977 the ownership changed to G L G Richardson, I G Spicer and D M Strongman of Auckland.
Alas it overshot on landing at the Ruakituri Golf Course, about 30km north of Wairoa, and struck a building and some motor vehicles on 10-06-1978.
As seen in July 1978 from CMM.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Reflections of an Earlier Time at Wellington

Minicoopers post about the Boeing 767 flying into Wellington over a glassy Evans Bay reminded me of some photos I had taken of similar glassy conditions in the late 1980s.  But the aircraft were quite different back then!.

The photos are not very clear but I thought they would remind some of us of how things used to be.

Ansett New Zealand Boeing 737.

Air New Zealand Fokker Friendship.

And a SAFE Air Argosy.

Beaver on site.

Spotted today at Ardmore by Magnaman was the long expected second De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver for Auckland Seaplanes.
                            C/n 1585 was built as KAF109 for the Kenyan Air Force.
                         Sold in 1979 it became N5595A followed by ZS-LJL in 1982.
It was back to Canada in 1989 to become C-GLPL and then to N222BS in February of 1994.
The above photograph was taken by Alexis Antonakis in 2005.
Pic below was taken today at Ardmore by Magnaman 
It must have come in a really big box.

Rugby comes to Wellington and then departs.

Tim Gorman has posted a couple of clips of the ZK-NCL arriving and departing Wellington 
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