Saturday, 25 April 2015

Helicopter shots - Christchurch

Three shots from Pacific Helicopters pad at Christchurch.
Above is the Christchurch Helicopters 2001 Ltd's Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-HCS5 (c/n 1057) on short final yesterday.
Fresh out of the container yesterday (24-05-2015) were two more new Cabri's c/n 1086 and 1088.
These were registered as ZK-HXC3 and ZK-IIF on the 22nd.
The Aspiring Helicopters Robinson R22B ZK-HHQ2 (c/n 3838) was on site on 23-05-2015
And one from Heli Maintenance from yesterday.
Shows Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IRW (c/n 11696) from Mount Hutt Helicopters 2013 Ltd.
This one has previously spent time as ZK-ISL and ZK-ISP.

Rangitata Island remembers.

Allan Bowman reports.
At was a beautiful morning at Rangitata Island to start with but the North wind increased through the later part of the morning to become very uncomfortable so restricted the number of light aircraft flying in. 
Over a hundred people at the service. 
The local ATC led the way from the service area to the wreath laying at the cairn in the Brodie's garden. 

Regos included ZK-NFJ, LPB, RJL, PAA, JCL, DDG, the Les Vincent gyro OTM, FRJ and of course the resident squadron. 
With the  Brodie family aviation history stretching back to WW1 this was a beautiful place to gather and remember.

Cessna 180 ZK-BUJ

The NZ Cessna agent Rural Aviation Ltd at New Plymouth registered seven new Cessna aircraft on 13-05-1957 as ZK-BUE through to ZK-BUK. 
One of these was Cessna 180 c/n 32950 which became ZK-BUJ.
It received its CofA on 26-07-1957 and was used by Rural Aviation up until being moved South.. 
 Above ZK-BUJ is seen at Bell Block, New Plymouth in the early 1960's. 
From the Allan Wooller collection.
It transferred down to Farmers Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd at Invercargill from 01-10-1963 and is seen below at Invercargill in 1966.
Another shot from the Allan Wooller collection.
On 30-11-1965 it was back up North to Advance Aviation Ltd of Kaitaia and was painted in the basic James Aviation scheme.
It is seen below in the James Aviation hangar at Hamilton in 1966.
It was only about a year later it was sold to W W Contracting Ltd of Dunedin from 02-12-1966.
Above we see her at Taieri on 15-11-1967.
 It is seen above at Taieri in February of 1968 still in basic James Aviation scheme - minus script.
It was still the same on 02-11-1970 - again at Taieri.
On 26-08-1971 ownership changed to D B Telford of Waiwera South.
 The above shot comes from the CMM collection shows ZK-BUJ in a new paint scheme on a date and at a place unknown. It appears to be fenced in !
Next in line was C P D Goldsmith of Balclutha from 20-08-1976
 Now we jump through to 23-03-1977 when we caught her at the Southair hangar at Taieri.
Now with change to the rudder paintwork and a fuselage side "Snoopy".
In August of 1977 it was at Momona receiving attention before :-
On 26-09-1977 it was listed to R D Davison of Moa Flat and then received another new paint scheme to White and Blue.
Below - Allan Wooller captured it at Masterton in May of 1978.

Then I spied it at Invercargill on 05-11-1983.

A title change to D R and R D Davison of Cedar Grove, Tapanui occurred on 29-04-1999. 
After another paint job it was observed at Christchurch on 12-07-2001.
And two months later we had it at Tekapo 09-09-2001.
It hasn't changed since then.
At Christchurch on 03-03-2002.
And then a shift to Davison Trust of Rangiora took effect from 05-07-2013.
The pic above was taken at Wigram on 13-04-2008.
And below it was at Christchurch on 31-01-2009
And the two final views are of it at Masterton on 21-01-2011.

ZK-BJB at work.

Gary Eady has sent in these great sots of ZK-BJB at work.

"My father-in-law the late Max McEwan flew ZK-BJB for Rural between August of 1958 and August of 1959. 
According to his logbook, he flew it for around 800 hours during that period while based at Bridge Pa Hastings".

I believe Max started with Rural about February 1956, did some time with Aerial Project and then went back to Rural Aviation again. He was seriously injured at Hastings by the propeller of ZK-BVX on 10-02-1962 but went on to become Rural Aviations operations manager.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Poppy drop at Omaka

A photograph from Robert Wood
Taken at Omaka on 05-04-2015
Showing the Avro 652A Anson Mk1 ZK-RRA releasing poppies for the multitude.
For more of Roberts work check out his site at :-

Click on the pic for a larger view.