Monday, 5 December 2016

Circuit bashing at NZRT Sunday 04-12-2016.

Sunday afternoon at Rangiora watching the landings.
Everybody walked away ok.
So all scored 10 out of 10.
The Cessna 150A ZK-BPO (C/n 17688) has been around since Adam was a cowboy.
It has been listed to the BPO Syndicate since 01-03-2016.
Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six ZK-DOP (c/n 32-7440045) from the Kaikoura Aero Club (Inc) floats in.
More history can be seen HERE
Cessna A185F Skywagon ZK-DPG (c/n 18502427) is from the H J Shield Family Trust of Blenheim.
This was new when it came onto the NZ register on 06-11-1974. It then spent seven years with W G Walker of Clinton followed by about six years with B L Waghorn of Reefton. Then it went into the parachute dropping role until going to Hamish Shield and the Heliteam Ltd before going into the Trust from 14-02-2013.
ZK-JAY3 is c/n 1007-1012 and was taken over by Hamish Pulley of Kaiapoi on 22-09-2016 having first been listed with Paul  Brydon of Hamilton on 01-12-2011.
Paul Godfrey did a batch of circuits in his Skystar Kitfox IV (c/n C94080051/MAANZ/527)
Check out Here 
For sale if you want a darn fine Christmas present is this Pober Pixie ZK-PXI (c/n MSF1) as flown by Mike Sheffield.
Tim Gould was out in his Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-SLO (c/n 7-6442).


A touch and go day at Pauanui.

Richard Currie reports from Pauanui today (05-12-2016) and advises that it was a touch and go day with training aircraft doing touch and goes but not stopping for a coffee.
 The Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-CTT3 (c/n 172S10475) and comes from CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd at Hamilton.
 ZK-DAF2 (c/n C0531) is a Diamond DA20-C1 from Eagle Flight Training Ltd.
And the Ardmore based Piper PA-28-181 Archer III ZK-SWG (c/n 28-43389) belongs to Southern Wing Ltd.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

AOPA Timaru 03-12-2016 # 3

 Another arrival from the Woodbury area was the Rans S-7 Courier ZK-ROO2 (c/n 0506430) of Howard Scott.
 Arnold Gallagher sold his lovely Vans RV-4 ZK-RVI (c/n 800) to Matthew Anderson of Mosgiel in December of 2014. Nice to see it back up North.
 Imported in October of 2006 this Cessna 182T was initially registered as ZK-KBL2 to Flightline. 
It was purchased by Sid McAuley of Timaru in August 2015 and was re-registered as ZK-SID2 (c/n 18281825) last December.
 B B Aviation from Feilding fielded their Cessna T210R Centurion ZK-TRO3 (c/n 21064918). 
This was originally ZK-TRC2.
 One I don't see very often is this Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow ZK-TWM (c/n 28R7803275) of Transworld Motors Christchurch Ltd.
 Another Christchurch listed aircraft is the Robin R2160 Alpha Sport ZK-TXG (c/n 145) of Tony Beaumont. 
This is a French built version which arrived in NZ in 2006.
Not certain if this was connected with the AOPA gathering but we have the Enfield Holdings Ltd (Mainland Air) Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain ZK-VIP (c/n 31-7405482).

Oh - and don't forget Brent Ferguson's ZK-MBU was there.
Piper PA-46-310P Malibu (c/n 46-850894)

AOPA Timaru 03-12-2016 # 2

 A vital part of the proceedings.
 This ex US Army and Canadian Armed Forces Bell OH-58A Kiowa ZK-IXL2 (c/n 44062) joined the NZ register for John Ludgater on 28-08-2012.
 Stephen Brown's Cessna 182R Skylane ZK-JPN (c/n 18267795) was down from Rangiora.
 And the Cessna T206H Stationair TC ZK-NOK2 of Nokomai Ltd was over (and up) from Nokomai Station.
 From Lismore came Les Vincent's AutoGyro Calidus Fern ZK-OTM (c/n NZC001).
 The PGB Syndicate's Stoddard Hamilton SH-3R Glassair III ZK-RGB (c/n 3381) cruised in from just up the road.
And another near local is this Piper PA-18-135 Super Cub ZK-PSC (c/n 18-2717) of S and G Coulter from Woodbury.

AOPA Timaru 03-12-2016 # 1

A highly successful AOPA fly in was held at Timaru Airport this past weekend.
Hayden Brown has sent in this great batch of photographs taken on Saturday 03-12-2016.
There were reportedly 28 visiting aircraft, plus all the locals.
A brilliant day with warm, sunny weather.
Below is a selection of photos as sent in by Hayden.
 Andrew Daumann was up from Stoney Creek, Balclutha in his Piper PA-18A Super Cub ZK-BNH (c/n 18-4359). This was originally a Mount Cook Air Services ag plane from mid-1956.
 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-CIQ (c/n 28-20052) is a recent acquisition by  Michael McKeown of Geraldine. 
Would I be correct in saying that this is the oldest airworthy PA-28-140 in country?
 Cessna 172K ZK-CSU (c/n 17258915) has been South Island based since 1980 and with Tom Corbett out of Ashburton since April of 2000.
 The Fern Air Syndicate from Rangiora had their Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub ZK-CXC (c/n 18-6202) on site. This was originally ZK-BTT but was rebuilt and re-registered following an incident at Ardmore back in 1963.
 The Stuart Moore Gardan GY-20 Minicab U/L ZK-DDH (c/n AACA/1) was down from Wanaka.
 One of the locals was Europa XS ZK-DMR (c/n 406) of the DMR Partnership - And this one was originally ZK-RPR until purchased by the Syndicate about mid-2015.
A general view.

Ian Andrews, President of AOPA was in attendance and expressed his appreciation of the members that contributed to a fine day or culinary fair, two course meal, meats including fresh smoked salmon, lamb and beef from the BBQ finished with fresh berries and ice cream.

Sounds like it might become an annual event. Its was certainly a very friendly gathering of pilots, wives and hangers-on, pun intended!