Friday, 27 March 2015

Future Flyers Now Completed at Custom Aviation Ltd, Taieri

Last November I visited Craig Miller of Custom Aviation Ltd at his hangar at Taieri, and I posted about some aircraft that were near to completeion at  Craig has made great progress on the four aircraft that I posted about, and today he has sent photos of two of them completed.  Test flights are expected in the next week.

ZK-MFD (c/n 04140014) is our first Rans S 20 Raven and was registered to Moa Flat Downs Ltd of Tapanui in Southland, on 3/3/15.  The S 20 is the latest in a long line of Rans aircraft designed by Randy Schittler.  It features the side by side 2 seat fuselage of the S 6 but constructed entirely of 4130 steel tubing (rather than the aluminium rear fuselage of the S 6), mated to the wings of the S 7.  It also has a higher MAUW of 598 Kg, which is higher than both the S 6 and the S 7.

Another view of the S 20 Raven ZK-MFD with the rebuilt S 6 ZK-ZAZ, outside Custom Aviation's hangar at Taieri..

Rans S 6ES Coyote II ZK-ZAZ (c/n 11111950) was damaged in a landing accident at Cromwell on 15/2/14 and has been rebuilt by Craig for Robert McSkimming of Ranfurly.  It had its accident as a tri-gear aircraft but has been rebuilt as a taildragger.

Thanks very much to Craig Miller for the photos.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Question time # 177

Thinks are a bit slack in my aviation world at this time.
So as a bit of a fill in.

How many of these have been registered in NZ ?

I remember when.

No I don't.
Below is the official credit for this photo.
Harry Wigley beside a Miles M11 Whitney Straight ZK-AUK, ex G-AFJX, BD183, G-AFJX, near Fairlie in August 1950.
Whites Aviation Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library. WA-25760-F

Miles M11A Whitney Straight c/n 507 was built by Phillips and Powis Aircraft Company and registered as G-AFJX, with Cof A number 5383, to Brigadier General Arthur Corrie Lewin on 14-09-1938. The General was stationed at Kanda Kamu, Njoro, Kenya and I believe the aircraft was flown down to Kenya and then returned to the UK in July of 1939.
It was sold on 01-07-1939 and listed to John Tweedale of Beaumonds, Lancs on 12-07-1939 until impressed for military service on 18-08-1940 and was allocated to the Royal Air Force with the serial number BD183.
Post its RAF career (1946) it was returned to the UK civil register under its old G-AFJX registration to Dorothy Shuttleworth and Allan Henry Wheeler who traded as Warden Aviation and Engineering Co at Old Warden Aerodrome on 03-03-1947.
It was sold abroad on 21-03-1950.
The rest - as they say is history.
Here is a link to another fine pic:-

And that history is :-
It entered the NZ register on 20-04-1950 as ZK-AUK for Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Company at Timaru.
It then went to private ownership with D H Withers of Christchurch from 22-11-1955 and then to A M Ferguson of Christchurch on 13-06-1956.
A V Martyn of Timaru had it from 07-08-1959 - the first several aircraft he owned over the years.
S C Jones seem to fit in about here before Ivan Strathern of Dunedin took over from May of 1962.
It was ground looped at Christchurch on 26-06-1966 and then passed to V B Murray of Timaru. Its registration was cancelled on 29-07-1968 and I believe it was moved to the Ferrymead Aeronautical Society followed by time with the RNZAF Museum at Wigram about 1981.
It is currently a long term restoration project with Greg MacDonald at Forest Field, who has just finished titivating up the Auster Mk5D ZK-BGU.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

At Christchurch today 25-03-2015

Bargeldo1 also got most of these shots at Christchurch International today - with a couple tossed in by Blue Bus.
 Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IJB (c/n 10267) was on the pad at Pacific Helicopters. This is the John Butterfield machine. It went new too John from Skysales Aviation from 29-04-2004.
Parked on the hard outside the Canterbury Aero Clubs hangar was the Beech C90A (SE) King Air ZK-MKG (c/n LJ1367) of Air Wanganui Commuter Ltd. Been with them since mid-2005.

Trying to sneak through undetected in the heat waves was the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-MYH (c/n 2080604 from (2008 Ltd).
On borrowed time. Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGI (c/n 25608) went new to ANZ in November 1999. It is due to be retired very shortly. The last ANZ 7377 is due to be retired by September.
Over at Heli Maintenance the Aero L29  Delfin ZK-VAU (c/n 094019) of Soviet Star Ltd is getting some attention.

ZK-PSK passing through NZRT

 The latest Just Aircraft SuperSTOL on the register is ZK-PSK (c/n JA342-01-14) which was listed on 03-03-2015 to Chris Pask of Hastings - passed through Rangiora today on delivery.
Chris is a well known Ag pilot who started with Cookson Airspread from about 1961 before forming his own Pask Air Services in 1966, which operated at least eleven aircraft over the years.
 He also finished the construction of the Pitts S-1C Special ZK-DOH back in 1976.
Photos by Bargeldo1.