Friday, 24 March 2017

Two from Hamilton 24-03-2017

In a less than ideal day gray and misty day at Hamilton, Richard Currie captured these two aircraft for our blog - neither of them having appeared previously.
 The Cessna 172M Skyhawk II ZK-DXP (c/n 17265333) was imported by Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd for the Taumarunui Aero Club who took it over in September of 1975. It only lasted a year before being bent after which it was rebuilt by Dalhoff and King of Dunedin.
Some fifteen owners later it was taken up by Steve Hampton of Hamilton in May of 2011.
A recent addition to our register is this Diamond DA 42 ZK-SHB (c/n 42.354) which was registered to Air Hawkes Bay Ltd of Hastings on  07-03-2017.
This airframe along with two others (VH-FGO and VH-FNV) where trucked into Aeromotive at Hamilton Airport on 25-10-2016.
 See Here for more background.

A new Cessna and two helicopters at Ardmore taken earlier this week

Bell 412 ZK-HRX msn 36008 ex JA6636 which was registered to Oceania Aviation on 7-3-17 flew for the first time on 22-3-17

Cessna 182T VH-NIH msn 18282081 built in 2008 arrived at Ardmore at 17.50 on 21-3-17 after having flown Lord Howe Island-Norfolk Island-Kerikeri earlier in the day. I understand it was on delivery for a local owner.

MBB-BK117 B-2 ZK-ISE msn 7240 ex D-HSFB registered to Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 6-12-16 was noted flying latter in the evening on 21-3-17

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Rangiora quick visit today 23-03-2017.

I did a quick circuit of Rangiora today and captured the following.
 Newly registered to the ZK-ADM Syndicate of Christchurch on 06-03-2017 is this Yakovlev Yak-52 ZK-ADM2 (c/n 833601). It is ex RA-3490K.
Of 1983 vintage it has been parked up in Italy having only flown fifteen hours since a factory re-manufacture ten years ago. 
That is Yak-52 ZK-YRA in the background.
 A very frequent visitor from Cust is Tony Den Haan in his ICP Savannah S ZK-BIC2 (c/n 14-11-54-0358). A long shot on final.
 A much, much rarer visitor is the Piper PA-28-160C Cherokee C ZK-CNY (c/n 28-4097)) which has been with Brett Cooper of Gisborne since late 1997. 
It was initially operated by the Marlborough Aero Club from 1967 before going private in 1974.
 The Chilton DW1 ZK-CHT2 is coming along nicely - thank you - with the engine cowls well under way.

A couple from Pauanui today - 23-03-2017.

Just two pics from a rather busy Pauanui today from Richard Currie.
 The RTE Syndicates Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow ZK-RTE (c/n 28R-35725) has been mentioned before - see:-HERE
Geoff Thompson's Tecnam P92 Echo Classic ZK-VTE (c/n 1526) from Tauranga called.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Balloons Over Waikato 2017

 Balloon Over Waikato got underway today.
Richard Currie was there and has sent us the following photographs.
 One of several special shapes for this event is this Canadian registered Alien Rocket C-FIIY (c/n Alien Rocket-01) of Alain Bard of Ottawa.
 Above we have the Kavanagh D-84 VH-FRE (c/n D84-488) of Rolf Dennler from Coburg, Victoria.
 The Boland Phoenix ZK-PHX (c/n 137) is listed with Gail Dryland of Hamilton.
The Cameron C-70 'Poppies' above, is ZK-PPI (c/n 10939), which was first listed in the UK back in 2006, coming to NZ for the Poppies Syndicate of Auckland in April of 2015.
 No not Milton - but Hamilton. ZK-UPP2 is the Kubicek BB60Z with the c/n of 956.
It was first registered on 23-22-2012 with Kiwi Balloon Co Ltd.
 Another balloon from the States is the Boland Rover ZK-WHS (c/n 152 A2) as registered to Murray Shaw of Hamilton since 17-03-2009.
 ZK-WON is the Cameron C-90 (c/n 10492) and has been with Balloon Promoters Ltd of the Hamilton since late 2003.
ZK-RYB (c/n 10818) is the Waikato Hot Air Balloon Club Inc's Cameron O-90.

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