Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Spied last Wednesday 22nd.

Two photos from Matt Hayes taken last Wednesday the 22nd July 2015.
The Anderson Helicopters Ltd's Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HRY3 (c/n 10966) is departing Hokitika Airport.
It has been covered before at :-
Down at Wanaka the Eurocopter AS 350B2 ZK-HFF4 (c/n 4967) was listed to Alpine Helicopters on 16-06-2015 having been with The Helicopter Line since 12-01-2015.
Check out its previous colour scheme etc at :-

9H-GGG out in the sun

Matt Hayes captured the Boeing 737-7ZX BBJ 9H-GGG (c/n 40119) out in the sun at Christchurch International on Saturday 25-07-2015 in what appeared to be a compass swing exercise.
For some earlier views see :-

The Aircraft Factory Sling ZK-SLG

Also photo'd by Hairy Mole Rat at Tauranga recently was our only The Aircraft Factory Sling.

ZK-SLG2 (c/n 182) was registered to Darren E Price of Warkworth on 29/10/14 and first flew in New Zealand on 19/12/14, flown by Tim Harrison of the agents - Sports Aircraft New Zealand Ltd, also of Warkworth.  (The first ZK-SLG was a Piel Emeraude that although registered in May 1991 was not completed and the registration was cancelled in August 2010 - so does that count?).

The Sling is manufactured by The Aircraft Factory in Johannesburg, South Africa.  ZK-SLG2  is a 2 seater so it is more correctly a Sling 2, and a 4 seater Sling 4 is also available. 


I received some photographs from "Anonymous" the other day.
There was no text message - just the pics.
This is one of them.
De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-AHA was c/n 3789 - a real pre World War Two example.
Built in the UK and issued with a UK CofA on 15-12-1938 and a NZ date of 19-01-1939 to Air Survey and Transport Co and then to the Otago Aero Club at Taieri.
It was impressed into RNZAF service from 05-10-1939 and became NZ713 initially for operations by No 1EFTS until being struck off charge on 04-09-1946 from 42 squadron.
It was a Government Gift Aircraft to the Marlborough Aero Club and was registered on 31-07-1946 as ZK-AKJ.
ZK-AKJ didn't last long.
It crashed and was destroyed by fire near Omaka 01-12-1946.
Pic above from the Peter Lewis collection.
So the top photo of ZK-AHA would have been taken between January and October of 1939 and is at Taieri.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Vans RV 3 ZK-WCO

Hairy Mole Rat has sent this photo of Chris and Martin Schadler's new RV 3 U/L at Tauranga recently, now in its finished colour scheme.

ZK-WCO2 (c/n 11504) was registered to CA and MH Schadler of Whakatane on 15/2/15.  Chris told me that the aircraft has a 160 HP Lycoming engine and that he has built it to compete in aerobatics.  A nice looking aircraft.

This is the fourth aircraft and the second ZK-WCO that Chris and Martin Schadler Schadler have built, the first ZK-WCO being their SG Aviation Storm (see my post at ).