Thursday, 26 February 2015

Whitianga today

 Bargeld01 Senior sent some cellphone snaps of the Flying NZ National Competition, practice day. 

 held at Whitianga today.
He reckons he counted 40 aircraft or more.
Here are just a few.

There is a public day at Whitianga on Saturday.

Omaka this day - 26-02-2015

 Still on the ground at Omaka is the DC-3 ZK-JGB2 (c/n 4363) with a minor technicality which should delay its arrival at Auckland until late Monday if all goes well.
 We did have two P and W radials operating though as Beech D18S (Ten-two) N43927 (c/n A-26) arrived in from Wanaka.
It is heading for Auckland to get a maintenance sign off. 
 Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee ZK-CIQ (c/n 25-3128) is locally operated by Peter Anderson.
 Also out today was the  Nesmith Cougar ZK-CNA2 (c/n RD1) of Rod Davis.
Sir Minty covered it pretty well previously at :-
And wheeling in was the John Baynes De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-BAH (c/n 83589).


Douglas DC-3 ZK-JGB 
"The Jean Batten Clipper"
Named for
Jean Gardner Batten.
Born 15-09-1909 - Died 22-22-1982
See link below for more info on Jean Batten.

As N451ZS (The Jean Batten Clipper) this Douglas DC3C-S1C3G was placed in the Marlborough Aero Club Hangar in July of 2013.
Owner Mark Oremland of Airscapade Affairs Ltd has had a team of engineers from Air Chathams working on the aircraft recently and it has now been moved outdoors for engine runs.
It was transferred to the NZ register as ZK-JGB (c/n 4363) on 16-02-2015.

Pics below taken this morning 26-02-2015 at Omaka.
Awaiting arrival of crew to carry out its initial flight in NZ under its ZK registration.
If all goes well it is intended to fly her up to Auckland

Earlier pics of ZK-JGB as N451ZS can be found at :-

As you can imagine this aircraft has been around. Starting in the US Military as Bu4703, then down to Colombia. Back to the States as N1699M followed by a time as N69D before returning to N1699M. 
N234Z was its next registration followed by HZ-TA3 - then back to N234Z. 
South Africa was next as ZS-MRU, then Iceland and TF-AVN and in 2011 it became N451ZS.

Ardmore 23-2- 2015 - BK 117 Helicopters

One thing that I have noticed at Ardmore the last several times that I have visited is that helicopter activity well outweighed fixed wing activity.  A few days ago these helicopters from the same family were out and about.  I am interested in helicopters but not very knowledgable on the various models.

I was surprised therefore that these helicopters were all variants of the twin turbine BK 117, so I did a bit of investigation.  The original BK 117 was developed as a joint venture between Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm of Germany and Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan with the main rotor system and tailboom developed from the MBB Bo 105 helicopter and Kawasaki contributing the airframe and main trasmission.  This first model was the BK 117 A-1 and it first flew in June 1979 and entered service in December 1992.  It was developed over the years up to the C-1 model, and it was built by both MBB (330 examples) and Kawasaki (111 examples), up to 2004..

ZK-HGU5 (c/n 7229) is a MBB built MBB BK 117 B-2 that was registered to Airwork NZ Ltd on 11/12/14.  It is ex N164AM and has a long previous history with several other registrations in the US.

ZK-IEH (c/n 9110) is a Eurocopter MBB BK 117 C-2 that is ex ZK-ITF and ex ZK-IGT, registered as ZK-IEH on 23/9/14 after having first been registered in New Zealand on 16/7/07.  You can see it has the BK 117 three element tail.  It is owned by Advanced Flight Ltd of Auckland.

The BK 117 design became part of the Eurocopter line-up when MBB merged with Aerospatiale-Matra in 1992 to form the Eurocopter Group, and the C-2 model was developed by another joint venture between Kawasaki and Eurocopter with the rear section of the BK-117 being mated to the forward section of the Eurocopter EC 135.  It first flew in June 1999 and was introduced into service in 2002.  This helicopter is also known for marketing purposes as the Eurocopter EC 145.

ZK-ITF3 (c/n 20020) is an Airbus Helicopters MBB BK 117 D-2 that was first registered on 23/10/14.  It is also owned by Advanced Flight Ltd of Auckland.

In 2011 the C-2 model was developed into the BK 117 D-2 model which has improved performance and the Eurocopter fenestron shrouded tail rotor system.  This helicopter is also known for marketing pourposes as the EC 145 T2.  ZK-ITF is an Airbus Helicopter, with Airbus Helicopters having been rebranded from the Eurocopter Group on 2 January 2014.

Question time # 176 resolved.

 Finally a response to Question Time # 176.
And a correct one at that.
It is indeed the Cessna 182R ZK-NML (c/n 18267842) as seen at Ashburton on 07-02-2015.
It was noted in the same colour scheme at Ardmore two years ago.
This originally came onto the NZ register for Brian Hore of Nokomai Station on 14-07-1993.
If anonymous would care to send me his/her postal address I could send Chocky fist in that direction.