Saturday, 21 October 2017


Labour weekend at Taupo Airport offered the latest addition to the Taupo Tandem Skydiving fleet, a very busy Cessna 208 ZK-TTS,  and a trio of all white Robinson R44s which havent appeared on this blog before.

These were Opotiki Helicopters ZK-HBV,  Helilink/Inflite ZK-HXB,  and ZK-IKU which is registered to Heli Hire of Rotorua.


A weekend visit to Matamata revealed both the Piako Gliding Club and New Zealand Aviation/ Middle Earth Flying School busy, despite the gusty conditions.

The former was using the colourful highly modified Pawnee 260 ZK-CNC,  while another 2017 addition to the growing NZ Aviation fleet is 172N ZK-JEZ.

Homegrown Two Seat Homebuilt Aircraft of New Zealand (7) - Stoof Joyrider

Rino Stoof of Cambridge built his Stoof Joyrider in the late 1990s/early 2000s and got it to the stage of carrying out engine runs.  Unfortunately it never made it into the air, but I include it here because it was registered with CAA.

The tri-gear Stoof Joyrider was of all-wooden construction and had removeable wings and tailplane.  It had a wingspan of around 10 metres and a length of around 6 metres.  It was powered by a 2 litre EJ 20 Subaru engine with a Hintz gearbox and was fitted with a Ballistic Recovery Parachute.

ZK-RYD (c/n 05/01) was registered to Rino P P Stoof of Cambridge on 14/4/05.  The above photo is from the internet but I do not have a record of where.  It was withdrawn and cancelled from the register on 8/5/13.

Thursdays patrol at NZCH

A few minutes at the western side of Christchurch International on Thursday  the 19th reaped the following :-
 The Taylorcraft 20 Ranchwagon ZK-BQM (c/n 20-014) has found a new owner with Philip Wilby of Christchurch and has been removed from its long time park on the Western grass. 
It is seen above in the Canterbury Aero Club Engineering facility with wings removed. 
It has been mentioned several time before - see  HERE.
 Over at Heli Maintenance Kaikoura Helicopters Ltd had their Aerospatiale AS 350
BA ZK-HNX3 (/n 1828) parked outside.
In the Heli Maintenance hangar I found the Schweizer 269C N60718 (c/n S1618) working its way to become ZK-IIL2 with Mountain Helicopters Ltd of Christchurch.

Friday, 20 October 2017

A Couple of Others at Ardmore 19-10-2017

There were also a couple of out of town visitors at Ardmore yesterday:

Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-WBF (c/n 117) was visiting from Tauranga.  It carries the title "Pilot: Jim Smylie"below the cockpit.  It was first registered on 17/8/05.

Cessna 182S ZK-STC (c/n 18280175) was visiting from New Plymouth where it is owned by the Vause Trusts Partnership.  It was first registered on 28/8/98 so it has been around for a while but it has not been featured on the blog previously.  The Vause Trusts Partnership also owns the Yak 52 ZK-PTE and the L 39 Albatros ZK-VLK.