Thursday, 25 June 2009

Christchurch. A moment in time today 25-06-2009

A quick whizz around Christchurch's western grass area at about 10am this morning found the Cessna 402B ZK-MAP2 , c/n 402B-1056 , outside the Aero Club. This is listed to the ACK Gilbert No1 Trust c/o Air Logistics of Stoke.
Helipro's Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HGQ4 , c/n 1438 , is alive and well & being preflighted. (mentioned in the comments section of the ZK-IMO post further below).
Trying to escaped from between the Helipro and the Heli Maintenance hangars before I could get a photo was the Robinson R44 Clipper ZK-HDD4 , c/n 0299 , listed to Skyline Trust of Nelson and operated by Ridge Air out of Omaka.
On the tie downs alongside the Aero Club hangar was the Piper PA23-250C Aztec ZK-DGT , c/n 27-3427 , of Dairy Tech International of Tauranga.
Cessna 172N Skyhawk ZK-EJQ , c/n 68793 , of the Canterbury Aero Club with the old and the new control towers in the background.
And who said size does not matter ?


  1. ZK-MAP was up doing some survey work in the dark the other night. Not sure what for. They have been doing some photographic work for Google in recent months.

    ZK-DGT was Tauranga-Auckland-Christchurch on Tuesday. I've not seen it since it flew with VIP Air Charter, looks tidy.

  2. Good to see EJQ again.
    I flew quite a few hours in it while it was at Ardmore in the 1990s.
    As I remember it, the interior was a bit (read: quite a bit) scruffy at that stage. The dashboard was hanging loose, only retained by a couple of pk screws. That didn't impress the nervous passengers very much.