Saturday, 14 November 2009

Classic Cubs at Ardmore

Also while at Ardmore last Saturday 7/11/09, I managed to photograph these 2 classic Piper Cubs that were first registered more than 52 years ago!

Above is ZK-BQY which has been rebuilt to an amazing standard. It was first registered in February 1957, and crashed at Ardmore in March 1968. It was then rebuilt as ZK-CYU and registered in February 1969, and it was re-registered back as ZK-BQY in April 2004. It is resistered to the ZK-CYU Syndicate of Auckland. ZK-BQY is named Nola in honour of Nola Pickard who was part of the syndicate but was tragically killed along with her husband in a Tiger Moth crash at Taumaranui in October 2003.

And nearby was ZK-BQV which was registered in February 1957. It is owned by WJ and NJ Henwood of Waiuku. I think it is quite amazing that 2 aeroplanes that started off life pretty much together so long ago now live so close to each other again.
Can anyone post their histories?


  1. BQV would be fuelling for departure to Raglan - Bill did the Briefing for the Beach Flying at Black Sands. He arrived late afternoon on the 7th.

  2. BQV was imported to NZ in 1957 by Auckland Aero Club. The first owners were Waipukurau Aero Club. It spent time at Patea Aero Club and then went into private ownership in various parts of the country, including Blenheim, Taupo and Ardmore. It now resides at Te Kowhai just north of Hamilton, where it is kept busy doing flight training and private flying. Visit