Friday, 12 March 2010

The fifth ZK-SXY

ZK-SXY/5 on static display at the Ardmore Pilot Expo.
The Czech Aircraft Works design has been taken over by Piper and is now marketed as the PiperSport
This is the fifth aircraft to wear the ZK-SXY registration.


  1. Mike - I was interested to see according to the History of ZK-SXY in the CAA register, that the current CZAW (now Pipersport) ZK-SXY is the second ZK-SXY, registered in 12/09. What happened to the first ZK-SXY as it doesn't seem to have been cancelled? I photod a ZK-SXY at the Black Sands Flyin in early November 2009 and on comparing this photo with the ZK-SXY I saw at the Pilot Expo today it seemed identical (apart from the Pipersport logos), however the Black Sands example had the registration outlined in blue while the Pilot Expo one had the rego outlined in black. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi ya Keith - ZK-SXY/4 (09SC246) has become ZK-MBD/2 from 23Dec09.

    Regards Mike