Sunday, 28 March 2010

Piper SportCruiser

As I am sure you all already know - Piper have announced the taking over of the worldwide distribution of the Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser and rebranding it as the PiperSport.
Production is to remain in the Czech Republic with three equipment standard models to be available. There is the basic version followed by the LT and the LTD versions.
Aerosport Aviation's ZK-SXY5 has already been rebranded as the PiperSport, as seen above at Stratford with Anton on 20-03-2010. I believe that Aerosport have been appointed as the Australasian agents for Piper.

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  1. Czech LSA Sport Cruiser and Dynamic aircraft have an issue with canopy popping open in flight causing accidents and serious injury to pilots and passengers.