Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blue skies XX and Blue Lake.

Yesterday (30-03-2011) was a fab day, weather wise, work wise. Calm as, and 8/8th of solid blue.
Here we are at Blue Lake on the West Branch of the Sabine River which flows north into Lake Rotoroa in the Nelson Lakes National Park.
ZK-HXX3 is Hughes 369D c/n 30-0675D. It has been around for a while. Created on March of 1980 it worked in Oz as VH-KSY until imported into NZ for Airwest Helicopters of Reefton as ZK-HSW from 06-04-1984. Nelson Helicopters/Jet Heli Ltd took it on from 20-12-1999 and changed its registration to ZK-HXX3 on 04-02-2000. It was listed to Work Helicopters (NZ) Ltd on 10-08-2001 and then to its current operator Helicopter Charter Karamea 2006 Ltd on 12-09-2007.