Sunday, 20 March 2011

Recent Cessna 172 cancellations.

 The following two Cessna 172's have been recently cancelled from out register from non flight incidents.
Above is 172M ZK-FKS , c/n 63305 as seen at Queenstown on 18-11-2010. On 15-01-2011 it was torn from its pickets and blown onto 172 ZK-CHO. It was cancelled as destroyed on 09-03-2011. A 1974 model, it was imported by Aeromotive Overhauls of Hamilton and registered on 19-03-1985 for delivery to Henwood, Poole, Allen, Cox & Smith of Mangakino the following month who had it online with the Falcon Flying Academy at Hamilton for a while before it joined the Waitomo Aero Club at Te Kuiti from 16-10-1989. Rick Lucas Helicopters feaure from 02-02-2008 and then it became one of the many 172's to pass to the Wakatipu Aero Club Inc.

Below is 172N ZK-VCM , c/n 73209.  An import from the States in early 1997 and listed to Intergold Investments of Auckland on 07-02-1997 and then to the Auckland Flying School  on 18-04-1997. It then went to Southflight Aviation Ltd of Christchurch on 06-11-1998. It moved to Kaikoura permanently for Wings Over Whales Ltd on 16-11-1960, with a name change to Wings Over Whales Kaikoura Ltd from 13-03-2007.
It was on the ground taxying at Wellington Airport on 21-11-2007 when it was overturned by the wind.
I spied it in the old CAA hangar at Wellington on 30-01-2007. It was cancelled as destroyed on 25-02-2011. Obvious in this photo are the damage to the  nose wheel spat the propeller spinner, the propeller itself, the broken front screen, damage around the top door hinge, bottom hinge and above the lower strut attachment, behind and below the strut, bent strut giving some degrees on anhedral and the fin and rudder are somewhat shortened. And that is just on this side.

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