Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Two "new" Scouts.

 Two Scouts appeared on our register on 17-02-2011.
Above is the SARO P.531-2 Scout AH/1 ZK-HJG4 , c/n S2/5311. This is a very early (historic) airframe from Saunders Roe and was originally G-APVL before becoming XP166 with the UK military, returniing to G-APVL later.
Below is the Westland Scout AH/1 , ZK-HQU2 , c/n F9475 which was XP849 and served with the Empire Test Pilots School and became G-CBUH on the UK civil scene.


  1. Hi Very interested in these two Scouts. I used to work on these aircraft as a REME technician in the 70s. Please could you tell me where they are ?

  2. Lucky to sit in them today in Wanaka